HME Services

Patient Room Furnishings

Hospital Beds: Electric and Manual
Overbed Tables
Bedside Commodes
Trapeze Bars
Seat Lift Chairs
Pressure Pad Units
Patient Lifts: Hydraulic or Electric
Bed Accessory Items

Diagnostic Products

Blood Pressure Devices
Blood Sugar Monitoring
Thermometers: Standard, Digital, and Ear

Walking Aids

Straight Canes
Quad Canes
Walkers: Rigid, Folding, and Wheeled
Accessory Items

Wound Care Dressings

At Erickson’s, we have basic and specialty wound care dressings. If you can’t find what you need on the shelf, our staff will be happy to order any necessary items for you. Dressings and supplies for surgical and debrided wounds are often covered by insurance with a prescription from your doctor.

Respiratory Products

Our respiratory services help customers dealing with a wide range of respiratory ailments including sleep apnea, COPD, congestive heart failure, asthma and other breathing conditions. Erickson Home Medical provides a full range of respiratory products.

Physical Therapy Supplies

At Erickson’s we carry physical and occupational therapy supplies including Cando and Thera-Band exercise bands, Cando Easy-Grip weights, finger exercisers, and hand exercise balls. We are happy to special order items to meet your customized needs.

Ostomy & Urological

For our patients with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, we can provide a comprehensive line of Hollister and Convatec ostomy supplies. We stock and can order all types of catheters and other urological supplies from leading medical manufacturers such as Medline, Coloplast, Kendall, Hollister, and Bard.

Orthopedic Braces & Supports

At Ericksons we carry a full line of FLA Orthopedic braces and supports, including Therall Premium Arthritis Products. Items include wrist, back, knee, ankle, abdominal and other braces and supports to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Our staff is happy to assist you in finding an appropriate type and size brace or support for your condition.

Nutritional Products

At Ericksons, we offer a full range of nutritional products, including enteral nutrition for tube feedings, oral nutrition, and nutritional supplements. We benefit from a great relationship with Nestle Nutrition which provides excellent clinical and educational support for our staff and our customers, but we also offer other brands including Abbott Nutrition.

Mobility Aids

Feeling safe and stable while walking both in the home and outside is essential to your overall well being. We offer a wide range of ambulatory and mobility aids in store and will work with you to ensure your needs are met and you are comfortable with all provided equipment.

Manual Wheelchairs

For those times when mobility is limited and a manual wheelchair is necessary to perform activities of daily living, Erickson’s provides a variety of Medline, Invacare, NOVA, and Guardian wheelchairs to accommodate all of our patients. Our staff is fully trained to fit you with the appropriate size and style of wheelchair to best meet your medical needs from standard to lightweight to heavy duty wheelchairs.

Lift Chairs

We carry a fantastic selection of assistive recliners from quality name brands: Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies and more! Lifting Chairs are an ideal option for seniors or disabled individuals who need a bit of help getting up from a seated position. Our inexpensive lift recliners are comfortable enough to provide the r&r you need, and stylish enough to blend seamlessly with your current decor.

Incontinence Products

Whether temporary or permanent, incontinence affects millions of people every day. We carry and can order a full line of products to meet your bladder or bowel incontinence needs so that you can continue your lifestyle confidently and securely. Products range from very light to maximum control pads, underwear and briefs, as well as skincare products to act as a barrier to moisture and prevent skin breakdown.

Hospital Beds

A hospital bed can offer significant benefits to both the patient and the caregiver. At Erickson’s, we carry a full line of fixed height, semi-electric, and full electric hospital beds. Hospital beds allow for both the head and the feet to be elevated, include protective side rails, easily move on wheels and lock into place for safety, and can raise and lower to accommodate patient transfers.

Home Medical Equipment

At Erickson Home Medical, we carry a complete line of medical equipment and medical supplies to make living at home safer, easier, and more comfortable. Our friendly and professional staff works closely with you, your family, and your physician to ensure your medical needs are met to the best of our capabilities. We want our clients to understand the array of home health equipment and supplies available to help manage a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Compression Stockings

Compression therapy is used for a variety of reasons, with the primary intent of preventing varicose veins and keeping current venous problems under control such as edema and skin breakdown.You may be at risk for vein disease if you suffer from one or more of the warning signs listed below. If so, talk to your family physician about treatment options including compression therapy.

Bathroom Safety Equipment

One of the most dangerous rooms in the house is often the bathroom. We carry a full line of bathroom safety products and bath accessories to minimize your risk of slipping or falling.
Available products include:
Bath and shower seats
Transfer benches
Raised toilet seats
Toilet safety frames
Suction and mounted grab bars